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This prevents the need for a business to pay cyber thieves to restore access to proprietary documents and data. Most brands focus on training tech employees on cybersecurity. However, IBEX recommends using their platform as a learning center for all workers. Anyone who uses a device for work should understand how to monitor, recognize, and mitigate risks. Tracey Grace, the CEO and president of IBEX calls this “end-user awareness.” 3. Add constantly evolving, cloud-linked software to existing systems. Cloud-based cybersecurity platforms like Verizon’s enable companies to rapidly detect and remedy issues before potential threats turn real. By partnering with a virtual software as a service (SaaS) provider, businesses can benefit from real-time updates. Being nimble and staying ahead of cybercriminals is a huge asset and can save money—and reputations. 4.  Purchase secure equipment for stay-at-home workers.