The SBPS Foundation Awards were created in 2019 to recognize outstanding Scottsbluff Public Schools employees that go above and beyond their expected duties. All SBPS employees are eligible to be nominated and nominations are accepted from parents, students, staff and community members. Ashley was nominated previous for consistently going above and beyond to ensure that all of her students are successful. She spends late nights working at BMS helping students, preparing lessons and materials, supporting other teachers, attending all of her students’ IEP/504 meetings, making phone calls home to ensure parents are up to date with how their child is doing in school. In addition Ashley does numerous things throughout the BMS building to ensure things run smoothly throughout the school day. An example of this would be the staggered passing period daily schedule she created for the building to use during COVID. She is and has been a part of numerous building improvement projects. Ashley Dillman is the type of person who will go out of her way to help everyone around her, students and staff included, and not expect anything in return. The relationships she builds with her students and the dedication she puts into teaching is phenomenal.