Elian Peltier They will also have to go through additional checks on products and may have to pay customs duties in both directions. The anticipated procedures have alarmed unions and officials in Kent, which worry that the backlogs will cause serious traffic disruptions. They have also warned that Kent could become “the toilet of England” as drivers and thousands of trucks wait to cross the Channel. In response, the British authorities have promised to equip highways in the view area with portable toilets. The European Union is Britain’s largest trading partner, representing 43 percent of its exports last year and 52 percent of imports, according to official figures. Mr. Johnson’s government has pledged to spend over £700 million , about $935 million, on infrastructure, jobs and technology at the border, and British and French officials have vowed that crossing points will be ready in time for the post-Brexit era. Yet tens of thousands of British businesses were not ready for Brexit as of October, government officials told lawmakers last month, with more than a third of them expecting an extension to the transition period. “The biggest potential cause of disruption are traders not being ready for controls implemented by E.U.

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